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About Us

About Us



Al Khalili, Al Ghailani & Co. LLP was established in 2018. K & Co’s four main partners have accumulated a wide experience in different fields of law, from corporate and litigation to banking and finance and dispute resolution. all of which are based on quality, commitment, and compliance with the highest standards of professionalism


The logo of K & Co “&” expresses the nature of the office and the dynamic spirit that it feeds on. The spirit of partnership and unity on which the office was founded on gave it a strong impetus to lead the legal and judicial services scene in the Sultanate of Oman, with a target to reach the regional and global levels in the future. The unity is the backbone of the company, and it is the belief of the founders that the legal profession is based on teamwork


K & Co. are pioneers in being the first firm to be formed by 4 partners in the Sultanate, aiming to set an example for other lawyers to depend on teamwork when planning to incorporate a law firm. The Partners have diverse experiences in the field of law, giving them the ability to cover many aspects of the law. The Partners enjoy distinguished and strategic relations with international law firms that qualify them to work in accordance with international standards.

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